Our simple, straightforward, honest - 100% 60-day guarantee on Threelac & Fivelac!

We're certain that Threelac or Fivelac is the best product out there when it comes to helping with candida yeast problems! However, if for any reason you are not happy, simply return it (we'll accept ONE returned box of Threelac or Fivelac per person) and we'll refund you the price of the product for a full 60 days from the date of purchase– This applies to ONE open or unopened box only... Additional boxes ARE NOT covered by this guarantee.

Just mail the original Threelac or Fivelac box (this box has the name "Threelac" or "Fivelac" on it) along with any packets of Threelac or Fivelac you have left to us, along with a copy of your order confirmation receipt that was emailed to you when you originally placed your order. Please write your credit card number and the expiration date of your credit card on the returning paperwork. Please send the Threelac or Fivelac box, along with the other paperwork to:

Returns, c/o MWSB Inc., 834 South Union Street, Olean, NY 14760-3917

We can not process your return without a copy of the receipt. Shipping costs are not refundable.  

We have to credit you using the same method to which you paid for your product originally.  For example if you paid using Paypal we will refund using Paypal.  If you paid using your credit card then we will refund using that same credit card. 

This guarantee only covers JUST ONE box of Threelac or Fivelac (either opened or unopened) only and no other products sold by this company.  We will gladly refund your money on any other unopened products sold by this company as long as they have been returned within 60 days of the purchase date.  However once those other products have been opened they are no longer eligible to be returned.

Please allow up to 14 business days for credits to be applied once we have received your return.

If you have a question about a return please email us at Mwinicki@yahoo.com-- this is the preferred method of communication when it comes to returns.

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